Tinkering, Hacking & Making February 18, 2018 Hunter No comments

New Skills

As an avid proponent for DIY, I like being able to to have the ability to fix something that is broken or build things that I need. While I have some practice with skills such as construction and circuitry. I would like to improve my ability with some more crafty skills, such as sewing and […]

Tinkering, Hacking & Making February 11, 2018 Hunter No comments

3D Printer Wish List

3D printing can be used to create trinkets, prototypes, replacement parts, and so much more. Deciding what to make with a 3D printer can quickly overwhelm someone if they are not sure of what they want to make with one. Here is my personal list of things I would like to create using a 3D […]

Tinkering, Hacking & Making January 23, 2018 Hunter No comments

Access to the UMW Think Lab

While I have been creative for some time, I have not had access to all of the material that I needed in order to fully explore my creative abilities. While it is possible for me to scrounge up all of the materials required to complete most hobbyist projects, the access to all of the resources […]